Competing With Cancer

And It Begins…

I just arrived home from day 4 of chemotherapy. Rough evening yesterday. Piece of advice; don’t wait until you feel sick to take your nausea medication. Ugh!  However, I did[…..]

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Chemo Companion Pocket Guide

Early on I received this great little pocket guide from my physician at SouthEast Gynocologic Oncology Associates. It can be overwhelming the amount of materials to read through if you’re[…..]

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Diet and Exercise, Oh My!

I’m nothing if not a planner and it occurred to me today that while I’m only a day into chemo I’m already having trouble keeping track of medication times (for[…..]

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It’s Go Time!

I’ve been reading all of my chemo prep material and receiving wonderful advice on what to bring for my first big day of treatment. I will be in there for[…..]

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Getting Nervous…

I just got home from an incredible day at a huge international gymnastics competition, the AT&T Amercian Cup, that was being held in Jacksonville. I got to hang out with most[…..]

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