Competing With Cancer

Cancer Affects Young Women, Too!

While none of us like to go get poked and prodded in embarrassing and uncomfortable positions, I can tell you that going through what I am now and what so[…..]

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Different Ovarian Tumors with Dr. Stephen Buckley

Dr. Steven Buckley with Southeast Gynecologic Oncology Associates, helps to explain about cancers and reduce fear.

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Chemo Brain! Seriously?

I have to tell you I haven’t exactly gotten my brain back from pregnancy and I’m not sure I have all that much more to lose. While I’m excited to[…..]

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Asking Yourself: Why Me?

As I lie in bed over the weekend trying to rest through my “bad week” (My second cycle has begun with 5 straight chemo days with the really nauseating cocktail[…..]

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Shannon’s Wig Party Video

Shannon and friends got together to celebrate her journey to wellness, pick out a few wigs, and show support during her hair loss!

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