The Perfect At-Home Workout

A good mat, a chair, and a wall are all you need for a great, at-home workout. Try out our workout and start feeling better today.

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Why is Stretching Important?

Stretching is where most of us make a big mistake…we don’t do it! “In gymnastics, I would spend one to two hours stretching each day.  I was not naturally flexible[…..]

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Standing Core Exercises

For most of us, it’s probably not necessary to know all the muscles in our body and how they work. However, your core muscles (Rectus Abdonminis, Obliques and Spinal Erectors) are incredibly important.

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Together, Polar and Bluetooth® Smart Take Next Step in Wearable Technology Innovation

Recent technological advances—especially the rise of the smart phone—have led to significant growth in the popularity of “wearable devices.” For, Shannon Miller Lifestyle partner, Polar, the leader in heart rate[…..]

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Kettlebell Exercises: Tips and Tricks

A Kettlebell is a fantastic exercise tool. It has recently become extremely popular in recent years as it is used quite heavily in C rossFit. Kettlebells are not a new[…..]

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