Gymnastics How To

#GymnasticsHowTo: Cast To Handstand

In this video, I wanted to show you the proper technique for this essential bars skill, the cast to handstand. I had a great time shooting this with Natalie and Trina,[…..]

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#GymnasticsHowTo: Keeping in Shape During the Holiday Break

Even during the holidays or other times you have a break from the gym, you still need to do your basic exercises to make sure you aren’t behind when the[…..]

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#GymnasticsHowTo: Conditioning for Success

So, there’s a LOT of tips and insight when it comes to conditioning, but in this video, I’m going to give you five of them. From running laps to rebounds,[…..]

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#GymnasticsHowTo: The Perfect Pullover

We always talk about the importance of basic skills. Of course, “basic” should not be confused with “easy”.  Just imagine pulling your whole body up and around 360 degrees from[…..]

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