Help! My Child is a Couch Potato!

With all the latest technology, it has become even more difficult to get kids off that couch and moving. How do you get your kids to get active and enjoy doing it?

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Help Your Child Balance a Schedule

Help your kids before they spread themselves way too thin with extracurricular activities and become burned out. You want to try and help them and find that right balance of academics and all the extra’s!

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Easing Your Child’s Fear of Getting a Shot

Do you have a child that is absolutely terrified of getting a shot? You can change things! Your approach to taking your child to get a shot can make all the difference in how they respond when that time comes.

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Easing Your Child Into Their Own Bed

Once you have started the habit of letting your little one sleep in your bed, it can become so routine and comfortable for them you may have a difficult time transitioning them into their own room.

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Bullying – How to Deal

Children don’t have to suffer bullying; teach your kids how to deal with bullies and how to be prepared for them with these tips.

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