Keeping Kids Healthy – 1 Choice at a Time

According to the “We Can” campaign associated with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, food choices can be classified in 3 major ways: GO, SLOW, and WHOA.

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Teens and Type II Diabetes

More teens have Type II diabetes now than they ever did before. With Type II diabetes, insulin or pills may need to be taken in order for the body’s insulin to work properly. Your teen may be at risk for Type II Diabetes if they…

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Juvenile Arthritis – Being “In the Know”

July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness. Get info on the most common types and the systems to watch for so that you can be “in the know.”

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Athletic Activity for Diabetic Children

Athletic activity is good for all children – especially for diabetic children. Check out the tips below for ensuring that your child has safe and enjoyable experiences on the field!

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No Bones About It – Exercise Does the Body Good!

It’s not just milk that does your body – and your bones – good, it’s exercise too! So, when it comes to your kids’ bone health, make sure they are regularly engaging in weight-bearing activities.

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