Brush Those Teefers!

Make dental hygiene a priority in your home – every tooth under your roof will greatly appreciate it!

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Shannon Miller’s Toddler Tips with USA Gymnastics

Shannon Miller encourages you to place your children – even as young as toddlers – in gymnastics to help them learn multiple skills and develop a love for physical fitness[…..]

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The Mommy Tummy Pooch Eliminator Exercise

Whether you’re a new mommy or you have been a mommy for a while, you may want to find a way to reduce that post-pregnancy mommy tummy pooch. Shannon Miller[…..]

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Get Your Kids Hooked on Reading!

Do you want your kids to take their eyes off of the television and put their nose in some reading material? Check out these tips that are teacher tested and student approved!

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Stress Management 101

In today’s world, stress management should be a course that everyone is required to take. The most important lesson is that, although stress is bound to be a part of your life…at some point or another, it’s nothing that you can’t handle!

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