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Do Elimination Diets Really Work?

What is the purpose of an elimination diet? It is important to know that an elimination diet is not designed to be a weight loss plan. Elimination dieting is a[…..]

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Why and How to Eat More Grapefruit

One of winter’s greatest gems: The juicy grapefruit is more than a tart and tangy citrus fruit — it’s also a food rich in nutrients that, among other things, decrease[…..]

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Acupuncture for Arthritis

By: Stephen Dell-Jones Arthritis is a very common health condition. The term arthritis simply means, “joint inflammation”.  There are various types of arthritis and a variety of contributing factors, but[…..]

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How You Can Increase Protein Intake Easily

Are you worried that you aren’t getting enough protein? It is true that women, on average, have a lower intake of protein than men do. Protein is an extremely important[…..]

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Pre Race Nutrition Tips

As an athlete, you are most likely quite conscientious about the foods you put in your body. As a competitive athlete the week leading up to race day can become[…..]

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