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Are You DRINKING Your Calories?

It’s important to consider the nutritional value of the food that we eat on a daily basis, but also the drinks we consume…what is your “liquid” diet like?

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A Designer’s Tips to Allergy Proof Your Home

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID Is there an allergy sufferer in your home? At my interior design business, I have recently come across more and more clients who need real solutions[…..]

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No Sleep Can Cause Cancer?

by Snowden McFall 
It’s true. According to the World Health Organization, getting less than 7 hours a night of sleep is a carcinogen: cancer-causing agent. That’s a big surprise to most[…..]

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6 Super Foods You Should Include in Your Diet

If you’ve been taking steps to improve your health through better eating, you’re on course to make a major positive impact on your life. Too many Americans fail to pay[…..]

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Trending Diets 2014

If there is one thing Americans are frequently looking forward to, it is the next big dieting trend. Yet, roughly 70% of American adults are overweight or obese, according to[…..]

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