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10 Ways and Tips to Train Your Brain to Eat Healthier

At this time of year, especially, “eating healthier” is something we are all interested in doing. However, very few of us feel as if we truly succeed in reaching the goal.[…..]

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Upgrade Your Family’s Thanksgiving This Year With Just a Few Tips!

Once Halloween has come and gone, it seems like the holiday spirit is truly upon us, and frankly, as much as we love it, it can leave any mom overwhelmed[…..]

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Yummy Pumpkin Pie Spiced Shake Recipe

Even though we are based out of Jacksonville, FL where it seems fall doesn’t even start until it’s snowing everywhere else, we are OBSESSED with the autumn season inspired food[…..]

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Why Magnesium Is a SUPER Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Mineral

Wondering about the wonders of magnesium? From the ever popular magnesium “calm” drink to epsom salt foot soaks, this mineral certainly is buzzy right now in the wellness scene! Here[…..]

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Tips for Recovering From a Muscle or Joint Injury

There is nothing more frustrating for athletes than a muscle or joint workout injury, especially if it cuts precious time from training. However, you must be patient during the injury[…..]

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