Pregnancy & Motherhood

Shannon’s Current Impressions on BabyPlus, February 2014

As a two time user of BabyPlus, I couldn’t be happier! I initially chose BabyPlus because I had heard of the incredible benefits that BabyPlus babies enjoyed. I wanted to[…..]

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10 Truths About Motherhood

Becoming a mother is an amazing job to have! Whether you are a first time mom, have older children, have one child, or have ten. These ten truths of motherhood[…..]

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Be The Best “You” For Your Kids

Being a Parent is DIFFICULT. No one ever said it would be easy. Children can be demanding, frustrating, and nerve wracking, all while also being the cutest and sweetest thing(s)[…..]

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Post Pregnancy Workout

We all know that fitness doesn’t have to happen in a gym. For some people this works great. It’s time to get away from it all and completely focus on[…..]

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Getting Back into Pre-Baby Shape

We all want to fit back into our pre baby clothes after we welcome our bundle of joy. We also want to feel fit and strong again. You’ll want to[…..]

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