Pre-Holiday Burn Workout #2: Simple Ab Workout

If you breathe properly and follow form cues for this workout throughout your day, you will actually be strengthening your core all day long.

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Pre-Holiday Workout #1: Full Body Bootcamp Blast!

Let’s get ready for the Holidays with our SML Pre-Holiday Workout series. Watch Shannon’s video to look better, feel better, and have fun!

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Infection Prevention Week

Infectious diseases are spread by microorganisms that are everywhere, but here are some quick tips to help protect yourself and your family.

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Bone and Joint Health and Fitness

Healthy bones and joints are so important to being able to enjoy a mobile, active life. Read these helpful reminders to care for them.

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National Physical Therapy Month

Physical therapy is much more than helping move body parts; a physical therapist can test for, diagnose, and treat weaknesses and imbalances in the body.

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