Pre-Holiday Burn Workout #7: Basic Toning Exercises

Get the most out of your exercise time; combine cardio and body tone exercises for a healthier you – look and feel better.

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Pre-Holiday Burn Workout #6: Butt Exercises

Are you ready for the Holidays? Here’s a good exercise series to firm and shape the back of the legs, hips, and glutes.

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Pre-Holiday Workout #5 : Ease into the Day Yoga and Stretching Routine

Try this combination yoga and stretching routine to help you wake up and get the day started, feeling Great!

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Pre-Holiday Workout #4 : Balance and Tone

These balance exercises will help challenge and tone your posture and your core, so you’ll look and feel better.

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Pre-Holiday Workout #3 : 30 Second Intervals

See how many repetitions you can do of each of these exercises in our 10 x 30 interval workout, and improve over time.

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