Exercise and Asthma: Can They Mix?

Roughly 300 million people in the world suffer from the inflammatory disorder of the airways known as asthma. The good news is that by consulting your healthcare provider, you can come up with an exercise plan that won’t cause your asthma to flare up.

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The Walk-Fit Program: The Launch of a New Beginning

The great thing about being a part of the Shannon Miller Walk-Fit program is that you can easily hold yourself accountable and be consistently rewarded for your hard work!

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The Buddy System

Physical activity may be a part of your everyday routine – just like eating and sleeping. But there may be someone in your life that wants to get active yet needs a little extra help and motivation.

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Back and Abdominal Muscles: Partners in Crime!

Having weak abdominal and back muscles can cause stress to be put on the spine which can result in discomfort in the back. By taking the time to strengthen our abdominal and back muscles (our core), we are more likely to reap amazing benefits!

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