Organized Sports Aren’t Just For Kids!

When was the last time you played an organized sport? Well, take a trip down memory lane and think about a sport that you really enjoyed playing. Think about all the reasons that you enjoyed being a part of a team. Guess what? Your sports-playing days aren’t over!

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How Much Weight Should I Lift?

If you were inspired to take up weightlifting after reading the recently posted article “Pump That Iron,” here’s a further look at how much weight you should be lifting.

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Pump That Iron!

When you think of weightlifting, or “pumping iron,” you might think that it’s something that should be left up to American Gladiator participants! However, there are many benefits to weightlifting for the average person – and, contrary to popular belief, the average woman!

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Racquetball Might be Just What You’re Looking For!

If you’re looking for a workout that’s interactive and high energy, try getting out on the racquetball court!

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Winter Workouts!

Don’t go into hibernation until spring…stay active and enjoy the season!

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