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National Nutrition Month

Shannon Miller Lifestyle recommends nutrition through healthy eating habits; eating good food for life, and maintaining a healthy weight with appropriate portions in natural foods.

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LEAP into Leap Year!

Here is our Leap Year, and a chance to Leap in to it. How will you Leap this year?

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What to Know Before Grabbing The Hair Dye

In addition to the strong smell, we take a look at the health implications of using various hair dyes on the human body, and share what we’ve found.

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Chocolate For V Day? Don’t Turn V Day Into D Day!

Wait a minute…that huge box of chocolates from a Valentine Sweetheart may not be exactly health food. Take a step back and let’s see how to do chocolate the healthy way.

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Catching Quality Z’s by Regulating Your Sleep-Wake Cycle

In addition to sleeping better if you create a regular sleep schedule and a relaxing bedtime routine, you can develop habits to help protect your body’s natural production of the hormone melatonin, that aids in regulating your sleep-wake cycle.

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