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5 Ways to Fight Skin-Damaging Pollution (Giveaway!)

The SML Team shares some skin care tips to help you protect your skin from damage by pollution, and you can win some healthy skin care products in our giveaway, too!

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Simple Ways to Maximize Energy and Confidence

As women, we can become allow ourselves to become more conscious of the information we receive through our emotions, to help maximize our energy and confidence.

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Senior Health & Fitness Day Inspirational Stories

Many people who have never exercised before have started anew on their wellness journey after age 55, and some even later. Age doesn’t matter – any age is a good time to start exercising to improve your health.

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World No Tobacco Day = Today!

Nicotine is an addictive substance, so quitting is not going to be such an easy prospect. Do something good for you and your family, make today your World No Tobacco Day.

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HIV and AIDS Education | Caressa Cameron Leads the Way

Miss America 2010 ,Caressa Cameron, is a passionately working with various groups to promote education to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, and end the persecution of AIDS patients.

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