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Increasing Personal Happiness: Is it on Your To-Do List?

What is a life if it’s not a happy one? Happiness is important. Put it on your to-do list this week!

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Diabetes and Lifestyle Considerations

When it comes down to it, diabetes is not anything that anyone wants to deal with it. Fortunately though, there are steps that can be taken to make this condition more manageable. Remember, you are strong enough to take these steps!

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Change: 1 Habit at a Time

Challenge yourself this coming week to break a habit that you know you would be better off without. Check out some popular ones that you might be thinking about nixing…and if one of these is on your “nix list,” remember – you aren’t alone!

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Fire Safety – Have a Plan!

In a fire emergency, every second counts. And, often times, injuries occur because a plan wasn’t in place beforehand. Check out these tips for devising a plan for your family.

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Dr. Stephen Buckley Discusses Exams After A Hysterectomy

Many women question whether or not they need to continue to get their GYN exams after a hysterectomy. Dr. Stephen Buckley of South East Gynecologic Oncology discusses the importance of[…..]

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