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Migraine Madness

Unfortunately ladies, migraines are three times more common in women than they are in men. Yes, we have to go through labor and we are more prone to experiencing migraines! The good news is that there are known migraine triggers that you can watch out for, as well as effective treatment options. Find out now!

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Catch More Peaceful Z’s Now!

There’s nothing worse than getting woken up…or waking yourself up…by the sound of snoring! Fortunately, there are some great self-help remedies for snoring!

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

We’ve all heard the expression: “Don’t let bed bugs bite!” But if you saw a bed bug, would you know what it is?

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Talk It Out

There are some topics of conversation that we’d rather just stray away from and not think about. Unfortunately, these topics are often the more important ones. Learn to talk it out!

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Allergy Prevention Please!!

Let’s face it – there are something things we all wish we did not have to deal with; traffic jams, unpleasant people, weight gain, cranky children…and of course…allergies!

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