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Beat the Heat!

Temperatures are climbing higher and higher, and for those of you who are used to exercising outside, this may not sound incredibly appealing! Have no fear, though. If you are used to being active outside, SML has some tips for you to keep in mind so you can successfully ride the summer heat wave into fall!

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Fireworks – Have Fun, Be Safe!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and what is more popular on the 4th than hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad? You guessed it – fireworks!

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Are You Addicted to Sugar and Carbs?

Are you addicted to sugar and carbs? Get help now with expert Teresa Trower!

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Female Pattern Hair Loss – Fact and Fiction

Though a man losing his hair is a more common occurrence than a woman losing her’s, it is still important that, as women, we know about hair loss. What are[…..]

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Weight Loss – A New Beginning

It’s swimsuit season, are you ready for a new beginning?

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