Weight Loss Made Easy…Tip #9

Research shows that getting a good night’s sleep is a critical part of losing weight. So make sure to get 7-8 hours every night!

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Weight Loss Made Easy…Tip #8

How many times have you found you’re craving sugar at 4 pm? Or you want a bedtime snack of ice cream or potato chips? Chronic stress elevates blood levels of cortisol, increasing cravings for fattening sweet and salty foods.

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Antioxidants: Your Body’s Allies

Learn more about 3 types of antioxidants and which foods you can find them in!

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Weight Loss Made Easy…Tip #7

Turn your body into a fat burning machine with tip #7! Make your metabolism work for you and you’ll not only reap the benefit with a slimmer waistline but you’ll also have more energy and better stamina throughout the day.

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Weight Loss Made Easy…Tip #6

This tip is an especially tough one for most women. Eating on the go is part of life and sometimes eating fast is a must. How does the speed with which you eat help you lose weight?

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