Eat Fast, Eat Smart!

Many fast food restaurants have some healthy options if you just look past the traditional super-sized extra greasy fries and hamburger meals!

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Ginger for Osteoarthritis and Back Pain

While ginger is probably best known for adding flavor to foods, it can also relieve pain. Now there are corroborating studies.

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Fight Time With This Wrinkled Gem

With a new name and a new image, the dried plum which we know as a prune is now proven to fight the diseases of aging, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, and, constipation.

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Wise Summer Choices

Sun and heat are kind of like out of town relatives – they might be ok at first, but eventually they over-stay their welcome! So, in order to “make nice” with the sun and heat for the rest of the summer, follow these quick tips…

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Eat Less With Hot Pepper and Cayenne?

A popular ingredient in Southwestern cooking, chilies (hot peppers) add spice and interest to many foods. They also provide a 4-pronged attach against obesity.

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