Swimming Lessons For Your Child….And You!

Swimming lessons are a great way to teach your child safety in and around the water while enjoying time together. It’s a perfect time to do some socializing for you and your child. Many classes weave in music, toys and other fun activities to keep you and your little one entertained. However, the most important part of these classes is keeping your child safe while in and around water.

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Water Safety This Summer

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

* Approximately 70 percent of child drownings occur even though one or both parents is nearby.
* 17 kids under the age of 5 drown in hot tubs each year

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Child Safety

10 Ways to Protect Your Child from Strangers; what to tell your child.

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Set Priorities And Achieve Your Goal!

My good friend and a certified fitness instructor, Jackie Culver, has been a fantastic resource and the featured instructor for Shannon Miller Fit Pregnancy and Shannon Miller Body After Baby. We’ve had so much fun working together on these projects.

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Boost Your Children’s Health With Fruits and Veggies

Eating habits-both good and bad-develop in childhood. Help your children acquire a taste for fruits and vegetables now. Learn how you may be able to lower their risk for chronic disease in the future.

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