Expectant Mothers And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It appears that pregnant women and individuals who work at computers for the better part of a day have at least one thing in common: they can both be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. That includes facebook time ladies.

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Combat Morning Sickness With Tips From Real Moms

Combat morning sickness and get back to work fast with a few tricks from real moms. Only half of women experience morning sickness and, for most, it lasts only through the first trimester. For many it may linger to the evening hours. If you’re me, then it’s 24/7 for many months.

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Is It Ever Too Early To Learn?

We know that there is a direct connection between reading aloud and later reading success. Early literacy skills begin to develop in the first 5 years of life. However, learning can happen earlier than most people think.

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Ten Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

As Mom’s we all want our children to be healthy, happy and safe. One way to get a head start is to maintain a healthy and fit pregnancy. Not only is it good for your baby, but these tips help you out as well…..Check out ten of my favorite tips from physicians, nurses and moms.

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Healthy Babies Start Here

This Sunday we had wonderufl guests on the Shannon Miller Lifestyle radio show talking about the infant mortality rate and how we can help as individuals and a community to keep our babies healthy.

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