More than Just Feeling Blue

Postpartum depression affects 10-15% of women for as short as a month or as long as a year after childbirth. It’s important that women know that they are not alone and that there is no shame in experiencing postpartum depression.

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Pregnancy and Diabeties: Taking Necessary Precautions

 There is so much to be concerned about while you are pregnant, even as a perfectly healthy woman, that to imagine having to deal with anything more might seem just[…..]

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New finds in Mommy facial skin care!

McKeanna and Katie from the SML Team, with our reviews of some facial skin care products we found to be helpful for Mommies!

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Reverse Plank – Fit Pregnancy DVD

The reverse plank is a great way to strengthen your shoulders, back and hamstrings during pregnancy. For other exercises, and a full prenatal workout check out Shannon Miller’s Fit Pregnancy[…..]

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Have A Healthy & Fit Pregnancy!

While pregnant, maintaining a healthy diet is important. However, a “fit” pregnancy is just as critical. We want to stay as active as possible (within your personal physician’s guidelines). Finding[…..]

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