Baby Shower Ideas from “Daddy Nickell”

Baby Showers are so much fun. Here are some great baby shower ideas for throwing a “Dadchelor Party” for the dad-to-be.

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Exercising and Eating Right During Pregnancy

Every woman wants her pregnancy to be as healthy as humanly possible, and these tips about the right eating and exercise regimen will help you achieve that goal.

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First Trimester Exercise

You don’t have to stop exercising, but there are some considerations for first trimester exercise, and SML has some tips to help you keep in shape and get the most out of your routine.

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Ten Products for More Comfortable Travel During Pregnancy

Pregnant travel can be more comfortable with these handy, helpful product. And we have Giveaways, too!

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Do I Get a Maternity Massage? What are the Risks and Benefits?

Pregnancy can cause changes in posture, pressure on joints, weaknesses in various opposing muscle groups, stress, and pain.
A massage therapist trained and certified to help pregnant women can provide relief.

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