Pregnancy & Motherhood

Become a Rockstar Mom!

PASSION is the key word, finding what your passion is and how you can use that passion to design a life you love is the first step in becoming a “Rockstar Mom”

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Let’s Do Lunch!

Maybe you’ve been noticing leftovers in their lunchboxes or you’re suspicious that they are trading their vegetables for cookies! Fear not, Mom. With a few helpful hints, your kid won’t want to trade his/her lunch for anything!

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Back To Reality

And our kids have certainly enjoyed sleeping in, skipping homework, and playing with all their new toys. So how do we best transition back to reality? Here are some great tips to getting your kids back on track from Mom’s that know.

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Preparing For Post-Pregnancy Work

Heading back to work can be difficult after spending so much time with your new baby. use these tips to help ease the transition!

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Doing Yoga with Your Little One: Say Mmohmmy

Looking for a way to spend a relaxing afternoon with your child? Rather than popping in a movie or video game, try something different – like exercise!

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