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Crab Cakes and Remoulade

Combine all ingredients except crab meat, flour and oil, mixing well. Gently fold crab meat into mixture. Shape into crab cakes of desired size and chill. Heat the oil in skillet over medium heat. Dredge crab cakes in flour then place in oil and fry until golden brown; turn and brown other side. Drain on paper towels and serve with remoulade

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Banana Nut Bread

Is there anything better than warm banana nut bread? Try this recipe for a tasty treat anytime of year.

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Vegetable Quinoa Soup

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a healthy grain that can be found near the rice and beans in most grocery stores and is an excellent source of protein. Some varieties require rinsing. For more convenience, buy the “pre-washed” variety if available.

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Pesto Turkey Wrap

To make wrap, spread cream cheese on one side of tortilla. Top with basil, arugula, turkey, and sliced tomato. Add salt and pepper if desired. Roll and eat. TIP: Make healthier choices with deli meat by avoiding options that include nitrates and other preservatives.

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Dragon Chicken In Lettuce Leaves

Though this recipe is called “dragon chicken,” you don’t have to make it hot. If you like spice, add siracha when you assemble your lettuce cups. For extra crunch, you can also add fresh mung bean sprouts, chopped macadamia nuts, peanuts, or water chestnuts that have been rinsed and diced.

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